Wouldn't You Rather Bring The Romance Back?

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New relationships blaze with scenes of romance, candle lit dinners, flowers and serenades, exotic outings. But most times, along the line the romance turns sour and you begin to blame yourself for allowing the devil pull wool over your eyes. One day you think you're sleeping next to an angel, and then the next, you see yourself ensconced in the arms of the enemy.

Actually, problems rarely appear that obvious. A romance can go bad when people start getting used to each other. This will invariably lead you to taking people for granted. It is a basic fact of life that whatever you don't cherish or nurture gradually wanes or dies as the case may be.
If romance becomes drudgery like a chore, it suffers. When couples fail to spice up their love life and see everything as routine, a crack is imminent and tempers begin to fly. Prior to a relationship, the mates took quality time to look good in a bid to be desirable to each other. Women take extra care with their appearance, trying to turn their sweetheart's head. But once he becomes hers, that effort may stop. Later She begins to reason why she would go the extra mile to please him after all she has got him for keeps, same goes for the man. Lounging lazily together on the couch enjoying each other's company and watching favourite television programmes becomes a drag and a waste of time.
At a time like this when all traces of endearment are gone, the fire can be reignited into the romance but it has to take a lot of effort on the part of the couple to put it back to their desired state. There must be a plan of action if the desired expectation of a blossoming relationship is to be achieved. The line of communication has to be open and you should go back to former routines before the devil came calling since your goal is to make your partner feel more loving.
You should also try to stir a sense of adventure into your relationship and even return to an atmosphere of play. Nothing is too much to sacrifice in turning embers into flames. If you used to go to dinner or the movies weekly, pick up the habit again. Men can express their love in very simple ways like cooking their mate a meal, or do something special on an ordinary day.
What is romantic to you might not be romantic to your mate, so make an effort to discover what it is and work around it because there will be situations where people come from different educational backgrounds or social classes. Going to the art gallery might be fun to one but a drag to the other. At times like this, a compromise will go a long way in accommodating your mate's preferences.

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Wouldn't You Rather Bring The Romance Back?

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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