How To Achieve Romance In Retirement

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It's an ironic fact that when you are young or newly married, you aspire after romance but time contraint does not enable you to do so. Career, child-bearing, household work do make up a large proportion of your time. When you enter the retirement age, you have much idle time but less desire for romance. If you can't remember how long the last romantic moments happen to you with your partner, retirement is really a wonderful chance for you to rekindle such feelings to each other.


No Timelines


Since our teen years, most of us have been constantly on the go. Class schedules, work, deadlines and play dates filled up the day with amazing speed. As retirement rolls around, couples may abruptly find themselves with hardly anything to do.


It might even have been a long time since you and your spouse shared special time. Passion and romance get placed on the back burner when life shifts into high gear. Now you and your beloved have some time to enjoy each other. You simply need to recall how!


Start Small


It hardly seems possible that couples could forget how to be romantic. Unfortunately, that is quite the common experience because romance doesn't normally happen just naturally - it takes time and effort. If you and your mate have remained together this long, there is a good chance that the flame of passion is still there - even if a flicker. You just need to rekindle it.


Romance is like any other activity that you haven't done for a while - you need to warm up first. Starting small helps both you and your spouse remember the love and excitement of first love. Flowers, notes or small gift can help you both reconnect.


Turn Up the Heat


Once you get the hang of rebuilding a budding romance, it is time to kick up the heat. Everyone can use a little spark in their relationship. Commit some time to remember the things your spouse likes and appreciates. See if you can incorporate some of those into a special evening.


When you personalize your efforts, your beloved no doubt feels you really care about him/her. Your effort also makes it much more desirable for the other to reciprocate. Romance and intimacy don't necessary lead to sex, but are you going to complain if they do?


When couples first marry, sexual intimacy was usually much more spontaneous. As life progressed, it almost certainly became less and less so. Now that you're retired or close to it, both of you can take advantage of your new-found freedom. If you are tired afterward, so what - add in a nap too.


Pursued with both love and intention, retirement can serve as the end of one stage of life and a start to a whole new one. Couples who attempt to rekindle the passion that originally brought them together can thoroughly enjoy the "rocking years" with one another. This time period can bring a whole new spark to an otherwise happy marriage relationship.


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How To Achieve Romance In Retirement

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This article was published on 2010/07/15
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