How Do I Rekindle My Romance Now?

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It's one thing to keep love alive in a relationship but how can I rekindle my romance now you ask? Every relationship will have some down time occasionally, it's just how life goes.There are positive steps to take to turn things around.

Not to despair. The best relationships that are generally trouble free will still take some effort to keep them vibrant from time to time. Fortunately it shouldn't be all that difficult to rekindle romance and spice things up a bit.

Start with a positive mindset. Let go of negative thoughts or concerns that don't serve you well. They are the distractions which every day life offers to place in your path to divert your attention from the things that you desire most in your relationship.

Retrain your focus to see the positive attributes in your relationship. Find a reason to validate or compliment your partner or spouse on a regular basis. This should not be redundant and overdone but needs to be consistent, regular and sincere.

Chivalry should not be dead in relationships. The smallest acts of kindness will go far with most women. Opening car doors, complimenting a hairstyle or your partners clothing or scent will score points simply because you care enough to notice.

Men on the other hand like to feel appreciated and validated in their masculinity. Remind your partner that you are proud of him whether it is related to his career, how good a father he is or how safe he makes you feel.

It really is the simple things that will make the biggest impact.

Find time to laugh with your partner. People who laugh have less stress in their lives and consistently feel better throughout the day. You can rent a great comedy flick or try a local comedy club but there is a simple technique to get you going in the right direction.

Try it first by yourself, look at yourself in the mirror, smile at yourself and allow yourself to think how frivolous it seems to be smiling at yourself in the mirror. This will lighten your mood and have you snickering and laughing in no time.

One of my all time favorite ideas to rekindle romance and keep love alive is the re-creation date. When love was fresh and new you did things that were really special. It may have been places, foods events or activities.

To get yourself in the mindset start planning now. Let your partner know that you're up to something but don't give any hints as to what it might entail. Let them know you are going to have a re-creation date and plan the date. The rest can be a surprise.

Pick three places activities or a combination of things that you really enjoyed together. You can abbreviate them to be able to fit them all in if need be. The idea is to rekindle your romance by revisiting your romance.

On your re-creation date you'll both recall not just the experience but the feelings from your earlier romance. This is where the magic begins. You'll be appreciated for the effort to re-create the dates and you'll have the satisfaction knowing you lit the spark to keep your love alive and rekindle your romance.

When you are with your partner think of the experience in the mirror, when they ask why you're grinning share it with them. Most likely they too will get a good laugh.

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How Do I Rekindle My Romance Now?

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This article was published on 2010/04/02
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