Feng Shui Romance Cures - 5 Simple Feng Shui Cures

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Feng Shui Romance Cures

Whether you're single, dating or married, the bedroom blues (and blahs) can strike at any time. Here are five simple and easy to implement Feng Shui cures to help increase your romance quotient in the bedroom and beyond.

To begin, stand in the doorway of your bedroom, and make a note of the rear right corner of the room. In the Feng Shui bagua map, this is known as the love and marriage area, and it is the area of the room that we will be focusing on.

Cure 1: De-clutter and clean the area. This will help allow the ch'i, or energy in the home, to flow freely through the area. Take the extra step, and remove clutter from the rest of the room as well. Not only will that help the ch'i, it will also help improve your relaxation level while you are in the room, which can help romance.

Cure 2: Enhance the romantic decor. Look at any photos, art, or collectibles you may have in the love and marriage area of the room. Sad clowns, velvet Elvis, photos of exes, or solitary figures are not desirable for this area. Choose items which represent romance for you. Some positive examples might include a vintage poster of a kissing couple, abstract sculptures of two intertwined figures, or even something as whimsical as two happy clowns (if you happen to like clowns and find them romantic) or a figurine of cuddling frogs or bears. The most important thing is to represent couples, particularly romantic or loving couples. Feng Shui Romance Cures

Cure 3: Add fresh flowers in a pretty vase. Living things add ch'i to a space, and flowers in particular add beauty and romance to any space. Roses would be a traditional choice, but tulips, irises, or any flower you love will work well. Avoid single flowers, however, because that implies aloneness. Larger groupings of flowers imply an abundance of love and romance. Take good care of your flowers, and replace frequently. Allowing dead or dying flowers to remain in the area will detract from, rather than enhance the ch'i.

Cure 4: Hang a small wind chime and/or hanging crystal above the area. This will soften the corner of the room. Choose wind chimes that make soft, pleasant sounds that won't disturb you while you sleep if there is a breeze in the room. The design should suggest romance to you in some way- either by its' shape (a heart, for example), or by the design (again, avoid solitary figures). Hanging crystals, besides reflecting lovely rays of light on the wall, help move ch'i throughout the room.

Cure 5: Place a small, tabletop indoor fountain in the area. Choose a design which speaks to you of romance, either by design or by shape. Many indoor fountains feature whimsically romantic designs (cuddling frogs, for example), or have groupings of candles, stones or bamboo. This will keep the ch'i in the room flowing, and provide soothing sounds to enhance the romantic aura of your bedroom.

Implement these five easy Feng Shui cures, and you will be on your way to upping your ante in the game of love! Feng Shui Romance Cures

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Feng Shui Romance Cures - 5 Simple Feng Shui Cures

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This article was published on 2010/10/18